I’m not the same


I became weaker each day passing by
As if its a drug to me
No strength to fight this
I mend.. I mend by ways for her
So she could fall on my track
None.. Nothing was left inside me
A weaker me, with that abandoned heart

Just Wanting to move on, trying to stop from trying too hard..

No words were spoken
Yet this path was chosen
None decision taken
Yet one perception created

Flowed in this hurricane
With these mind games
What else can i stop
When i myself, im not the Same!

Fading are those promises
The ones with ‘forever’ quoted words
Washing off those meaning less talkes
That we did when we were together

The choices were same
The wrong was the path
The mistake that I’ve done
Was one secret little treasure for my heart

Without expectations one coming along
With abandoned wishes i played alone
Beside the odds i came up to her
One little happiness of satisfaction was within my soul awakened

One thing lead to another
Knowing the differences
The masked layers were builted
In Shades of grey the relation was framed
What can i stop..
When i myself, im not the same…


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